Everybody says how much they like coffee in their 'about me' page. I do like coffee but I'm not telling you that. 

Things I will tell you...

My full first name is Kelsey-Jo, but I have so many nicknames you'd think I was in a college fraternity. To the people I've met since 2004, after 9 years of Catholic school, I became "KJ". Call me whatever you like. I do respond most quickly to "puppies" and "food". I grew up in Michigan, lived in Ohio during graduate school, and the Hoosier state is my new home. 

I'm a trained social scientist, having spent the last five years studying our relationship with work. I read as much as possible on a variety of topics in books, peer-reviewed scientific papers, and newspapers. I also read a lot of fiction, non-evidence based blogs, and crap on buzzfeed. I teach college students, and I love it. Probably because I get to be the boss, (hey, I am an oldest child)... And also because students are inspiring, challenging, and grateful.  

This Evidence-Based Life started after years of consistently 'blogging' in my head, a few half-hearted Wordpress attempts, and finally, an 'ah-ha moment when I realized that creating and writing made me quite happy.  This blog is a way to merge my love for teaching with the ridiculous amount of time I spend researching products, food, work, and well-being. This blog is also my tiny effort to combat the deluge of psuedo-science flooding the internet today. Thank you, John Oliver, for describing my opinion on this perfectly. 

Since 2014, I have embraced a mostly paleo lifestyle because it really did change my relationship with food and how my body feels (thanks Whole 30!). More on that in a future post.  And yes, to my own surprise, it is possible to live with out regularly eating bread or cheese. My husband disagrees. He does cheer me on when I run races - I've done a marathon and a couple 13.1s. I'm constantly torn between loving running and hating chafing. This is the only time in my life a 'thigh gap' would be legitimately helpful. 

To my constant horror, I am a cat owner.  Please don't tell #teamdog. Even more embarrassing is that I'm actually obsessed with our indoor/outdoor cat, Basil. I still refuse to have a have a box of poop in my house....ergo, Basil spends plenty of time outside and sleeps in the garage. I'm also trying to adopt a dog, but golden retriever and german short-hair pointer puppies rarely show up at shelters. UPDATE: I now have a DOG, his name is HANK and he's a German Shorthaired Pointer. No idea how I did life before him.

I've got a lot of "mom-sense" but am not a mom. UPDATE: I AM PREGNANT! This means I will be terrified when my future children act like children and do brave, semi-unsafe things while my husband leads the way. Probably related to my momsense, I have a habit of choosing creative, yet wholly unattractive Halloween costumes, much to my own dismay. My last costume was so good nobody recognized me and thought I was a guy...I feel pretty, oh so pretty! Thankfully, the internet remains a complete repository of such records, and the countless non-fashionable moments in my life.

And finally. I'm not a fan of blogs/social media accounts designed to portray a flawless, I woke up like this life. Because really, everybody poops. At This Evidence-Based Life I choose inspiration over thinspiration and motivation over shame-selling. Here's to learning cool things and sharing them! 

I can't wait to hear from you!



 Weird is good!

Weird is good!

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