Bathroom Routine: How to reduce waste, cost, and increase sanity!

A lot has happened to me in the last few years. I've gone from your typical twenty-something, "healthy-ish" person, to a crunchy, paleo-loving, advocate for minimalism. On this journey, I have switched products from my home and personal routine that no longer fit my lifestyle. These changes have been slow, and have taken trial and error. Today I'm sharing with you one easy way to simplify your arsenal of personal care products. 

Do you buy the typical women's and men's highly advertised Schick and Venus model razors? Those marketers sure do a good job of selling us on the benefits to these products! Handsome men with angular jaws and long-legged women with airbrushed legs. It's so easy to feel a bit more confident about yourself when buying these products. But, if I told you there was an option that would get you a much closer shave, reduce razor burn, and was a fraction of the cost would you believe me?

You need a safety razor. You are probably picturing a straight edge razor right now used on men in old-timey barber shops. Not the same thing.

A safety razor is much safer (hence the name), and easier to use. A double edged, stainless steel blade sits in between a metal holder thingy. The metal holder thingy is angled, so that it's really difficult to do much harm while shaving, and it helps guide you into holding the blade at the proper angle. [There are really helpful youtube videos to show you how this is done].

I did a lot of research (shocker) on which model to try -- there are a lot of options and some true differences between those that are ideal for men and women. The razors can vary in the length and weight of the handle, the aggressiveness of the blades, and they type of blade used. My razor is not very aggressive, which is why my husband doesn't care for it if trying to shave his face. He would likely need a different style that was a bit more angled for getting coarse facial hair. 

There is an adjustment to using one, but as clumsy and ungraceful as I am, somehow I've managed rather swimmingly. Further, I'm not a gal who has three hairs above the knee, shaving for me is a rather whole leg pursuit.

There are three reasons I keep using a safety razor:

  1. It works better!! Safety razors reduce the amount of times your skin gets scraped with a blade, and uses a much sharper and better angled blade to get at the hair closer to the root. I'm prone to razor bumps and burns, and anyway I can reduce this makes me a happy camper. I don't even use shaving cream, just my Branch Basics foaming soap. For real.
  2. Cost. 12 Gillette cartridges will set you back about $40. I used this brand since high school, and I definitely didn't change the blades very often. You can buy about a 100 double edged safety razors for under $15, and you can pick them up almost anywhere. 
  3. Waste. Razor-blades are stainless steel and recyclable, just like pop-cans. I'm no longer buying and then throwing out that plastic cartridge. The razor holder is stainless too, and presumably recycle-able. 
  4. Simplicity. I love using a safety razor because it just simplifies my routine - I can buy a huge amount at once, they always super sharp, the blades are low profile and don't take up space, and I'll presumably never have to replace the razor itself - it's not likely to break and I don't think they'll stop making razor blades in my lifetime (they are basically all interchangeable).

So there you have it. Will you be changing your routine anytime soon? What are your hesitations in making the switch?  Leave a comment and let me know!